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The Mahsa Amini death case occurred on September 16. 2022. A 1999-born Iranian wo- man from Kurdistan Province, Mahsa Amini, born Jina Amini Her Kurdish name Jina was not recognized by state authorities, and she was given the name Mahsa instead. Not even somet- hing as personal as one's name is safe from such a government. The flags are named according to their born name Jina, which is not so visible at the moment, and their given name Masha. She became a symbol of the current revolution after she was imprisoned in Tehran, ha- ving previously been arrested by Iran's morality police for not wearing the Hijab headscarf cor- rectly in public. However, social media reported that police offi- cers beat Amini's head after she allegedly resisted her arrest.

Format: 400 cm x 60 cm

Technick: Photo collage on chiffon, screen printinted, suspension Shooting Strap & oak wood

Thank you Teymur for the pictures on the evening

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